Sheriff Departments – Ancillary Payroll / Payment Systems

For many Sheriff Offices, the related duties of civil process service and local paid details, predominantly performed by current and former employees of their office, have been segregated and paid through ancillary payment systems outside of the state’s payroll system (HR/CMS). Therefore, these payments are not included in the "Statewide Payroll" section of CTHRU*.

The Sheriffs’ use of ancillary payment systems must appropriately categorize expenses and meet tax reporting requirements. Ancillary payments are typically funded through fees charged for the services rendered. Additional information on these payments may be obtained by directly contacting the corresponding sheriff's office.

Barnstable County Sheriff's Office


*Barnstable County Sheriff processes ancillary payroll / payments through the Commonwealth’s payroll system (HR/CMS) and are available on CTHRU Statewide Payroll.

Berkshire County Sheriff's Office



Middlesex Sheriff




Press Release: Comptroller Announces Continued Expansion of State Financial Transparency; Additional Sheriff’s Ancillary Payroll/Payments Added to CTHRU



Press Release: Comptroller Announces Expanded State Financial Transparency;
Adds First Sheriff’s Ancillary Payroll/Payment Data to CTHRU