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October 27, 2022

CLOSED: BEST Solution Data and Information Architect

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Thank you for your interest. This position is now closed.

The BEST Solution Data and Information Architect (SDIA) will serve as the BEST’s data steward and will be responsible for the assessment, improvement and fitness-for-purpose of critical data assets including assessing the system integrator (SI) and software product vendors’ protocols for protecting the Commonwealth’s data assets and making recommendations regarding how the Commonwealth should monitor such protocols. The SDIA will direct the work of the SI and product vendor and coordinate the input of business owners of data sources to identify data elements that are shared across enterprise applications, modules or business functions and assure that configuration and customization decisions are made with a full knowledge of how these data elements interact and should be managed. The SDIA will chair a Data Governance Board that will provide enterprise-wide input and direction to support these activities.

This position will determine the logical design and information management strategies necessary to store, move and manage data in the new target state. The SDIA will: establish standards and procedures to monitor the integrity and integration of data in the new solution (including data entered into the solution through manual and automated integrations); develop technical, structural and organizational designs and specifications as needed to describe data requirements; evaluate technology and products proposed by the SI and product vendors related to data monitoring and management; and ensure that databases are optimally designed for recovery, high availability, performance and maintenance. The SDIA will manage a team that will develop and implement the approach to data access by users of the new solution, including the analysis of current methods of accessing data by end users, data access opportunities offered by the new solution such as dashboards and online queries, and will direct the SI vendor in the configuration of standard out-of-the-box reports and any additional reports or dashboards required by the Commonwealth. The SDIA will work with the EOTSS Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) staff to develop the plan for how the new solution will support users who need to download large amounts of financial data into their own agency-specific applications or warehouses and how the new solution and CIW will work jointly to support ongoing data access needs of end users.

The SDIA will be a member of the BEST Program Management Office (PMO), reporting administratively to the First Deputy Comptroller with daily oversight by the BEST Technical Solution Lead.

Salary Range

Salary Range: $120,000-$140,000

This is a management level VIII position.

Annual compensation will be negotiated with the candidate based on years of experience.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must submit their materials electronically, by email no later than 5:00 pm, on December 9, 2022.

Submissions should include the following:

• a letter of intent

• resume

• a list of relevant data and information management initiatives led by the candidate

• two business writing samples

• three professional references.

Your application package should be submitted to: [email protected]

Applicant packets will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis so interested applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Late submissions are reviewed at the discretion of CTR. Please include position title and position number in the subject line of your submission. BEST Solution Data and Information Architect (SDIA), FY23-011.