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March 21, 2023

CLOSED: Chief Financial Officer

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Thank you for your interest. This position is now closed.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) maintains the day-to-day operations of the agency while planning for the future and ensuring the agency’s operations are meeting its mission. The CFO is responsible for financial management and oversight of all department resources totaling $20 million. The budget includes a payroll of $14 million that supports approximately 130 employees. Duties and responsibilities include budgeting, accounting, finance, procurement, compliance, and facilities management. The CFO serves as a key advisor to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in all areas relating to operational, personnel, budget and finance policies.

The CFO provides policy guidance and advice to the COO and support to CTR senior management and staff within and across CTR teams, as well as on projects of sensitivity or policy impact. The CFO directly oversees three employees across three units and provides management oversight to the operations of these units.

This position requires a self-starter with the following capabilities and attributes: impeccable attention to detail; superior time management and multitasking skills; ability to cultivate productive and efficient teamwork among staff; positive attitude; capacity to remain flexible and learn new standards and guidelines as necessary; the ability to work well under pressure and be able to communicate clearly and effectively in all business interactions and relationships.

The successful candidate must have an established professional record of accomplishment which reflects the willingness and ability to look beyond the current duties and functions, to identify opportunities for innovation and to provide leadership to take advantage of those opportunities.

The successful candidate must have excellent customer service skills and a dedication to helping constituents resolve problems and remain compliant with all relevant policies and procedures.


Salary Range

$ 115,000 – $125,000

This is a management level VI position. Salary is commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

The Office of the Comptroller encourages interested candidates that meet the minimum entrance requirements and qualifications to apply for this position. Interested candidates must submit, by e-mail no later than 5:00 pm, April 4, 2023:

Please include position title and posting number in the subject line of your submission. The application package should be submitted to: [email protected]. Late submissions may be considered solely at the discretion of CTR.