Glossary—CTHRU Open Records Transparency Platform

New Hires


Annual Base Pay
Base Pay  - For employees, base pay includes regular wages and retroactive payments, and for contractors, base pay is the year-to-date earnings.

Average Pay
Average Pay A view that displays the average pay of new hires grouped by department or job.


An entity of state government with a specific mission, established by the legislature, which may either report to cabinet-level units of government, known as executive offices or secretariats, or be independent divisions or departments.  Each department has an assigned three-letter code in the accounting system (MMARS), for example, the Department of Children and Families (DSS).  Each Department is legislatively responsible for conducting all activities and spending in accordance with law, and payments are not pre-audited by any other state department.  All inquiries related to any specific spending or payments that appear in CTHRU should be directed to the specific department that issued the payment(s).

Department Code
Three letter identification of a department, for example, the Office of the Comptroller is CTR.


Self-reported level of education new hire has completed, such as High School Diploma, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Doctorate or Non-Degree Program.

Employee Count
A view that displays the number of new hires grouped by department or job.


Functional Title
An employee's specific job title which reflects primary job duties.  Field used for CTHRU Main Page "Top 5 Titles"


Government Area
A high-level summary grouping of the Commonwealth's secretariat-departmental hierarchy. Each government area is comprised of departments, divisions and agencies. There are eleven government areas included in the data.


Hire Date 
Date new hire started employment with the Commonwealth


Licenses & Certifications 
Self-reported relevant licenses or certifications the new hire  holds, i.e. CPR, Nursing License, etc.


Official Title 
Alternate Title Field, Department defined


Posting # (Posting ID) 
A code assigned to a job posting on the MassCareers website.


Reference  Letter From State Official 
When a hiring authority receives a written reference letter or reference email sent by a state official on behalf of a particular candidate recommending him or her for employment, that contact will be disclosed and made available to the public.


Total Payroll 
A view displays the total payroll of new hires by grouped by department, job or employee.


Years of Experience 
Self-reported number of years of experience an individual has that pertains directly to the position they are hired into.  Years of experience is indicated by a range of years:  0 - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 10, 11 - 15, 16 - 20 or 21+ years.