Pledge to make the Commonwealth more secure

As part of the Office of the Comptroller’s mission to increase fiscal responsibility and accountability for Commonwealth funds and resources we are kicking off a statewide campaign for all state departments to sign the Massachusetts Cybersecurity Pledge to increase cyber awareness and cyber readiness. 

Join the campaign and be on the front end of departments who sign on to this pledge to promote cyber awareness and readiness. 

See the Cyber Center for a list of resources and Lessons Learned to support this important mission!

GOAL: 100% pledge responses from all Commonwealth departments.  

Massachusetts Cybersecurity Pledge

I pledge to promote cyber awareness and cyber readiness at my department and for its employees, systems and contractors as part of internal controls and fiscal responsibility for Commonwealth funds and resources.

  • I pledge to set the tone from the top of an agency that is “cyber aware”.

  • I pledge to prioritize a strong set of internal controls for my department that includes cybersecurity.

  • I pledge to institute an incident response plan that includes cyber-attack responses ahead of time.

  • I pledge to be cyber aware and review cyber readiness materials when offered.

  • I pledge to protect the privacy and security of confidential data in my care by encrypting and segregating this data securely and not sending electronically unless through a safe means.

  • I pledge to review emails carefully to stop phishing attacks and NOT open until sender, addresses, links and attachments are verified safe.

  • I pledge to immediately report to my IT office/staff any unusual or malicious activity even if I am not sure. 

  • I pledge not use public Wi-Fi, or USB ports/cables (even if convenient) when using office equipment due to security risks of infections. 

  • I pledge not to change personal information (username, password, bank account, payroll or other financial information) unless I independently validate that the request is legitimate from contact information on file and not from the email or caller (who could be a cybercriminal). 

  • If I am responsible for IT security, I pledge to use best efforts to back up all data in multiple secure locations, to immediately patch all applications when security patches become available and sign up for security alerts.


William McNamara, Comptroller of the Commonwealth

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For your protection, please do not email personal information (e.g. Social Security Number, Bank Account Number, Passwords).

For assistance, please call us at

(617) 727-5000

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