Electronic Revenue and Payment Collection, Lockbox, and Associated Data Security

This section provides resources to inform and assist Commonwealth eligible entities to implement electronic revenue and payment collection solutions. This service offering encompasses electronic revenue on the web and at the point of sale (i.e., automated clearing house payments (ACH), credit cards, and debit cards), lockbox processing, and data security related to sensitive personally identifiable data belonging to Commonwealth constituents utilizing state services. For more information regarding these services, see the following links: 

Electronic Revenue Statewide Contracts

Lockbox Processing

The Treasurer and the Office of the Comptroller are pleased to transition departments using BAML lockbox check and document processing services onto Bank of America’s Green platform, “AIC”.


This platform replaces the return of paper documents and data files to departments from current lockboxes, providing departments with daily access to high quality images of all correspondence, coupons and checks in a secure online environment.


We hope this increases the efficiency, security, and environmental footprint of the Commonwealth’s check and document processing.


We look forward to partnering with you as our offices continue to identify cost saving opportunities that also help reduce our paper footprint. If you have questions related to this initiative, please contact Tim O’Neill at 617-973-2424.


Payment Collection Data Security


William McNamara, Comptroller of the Commonwealth

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For your protection, please do not email personal information (e.g. Social Security Number, Bank Account Number, Passwords).

For assistance, please call us at

(617) 727-5000

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