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HR/CMS Core User FAQs

Q: Why am I getting error messages when going on pages or performing transactions?
A: Users need to clear their browser cache before they log in for the first time after the upgrade.

Q: Where can I find information on this upgrade?
A: Review the HR/CMS Upgrade Demo and the Core User Reference Guide from the HR/CMS Knowledge Center.


Employee/Approver Self-Service FAQs

Q: Why does my screen look odd? Why I am missing tiles?
A: Users need to clear their browser cache before they log in for the first time after the upgrade. Users also should access Employee Self-Service through the Employee Self-Service web page. They should not use links saved to favorites.

Q: Why does my Timesheet view look different? How can I view without scrolling?
A: Different devices have different settings, so some employees have pages that are bigger and therefore have to scroll up, down and side-to-side to view the whole page. You can adjust the resolution by hitting Ctrl on your keyboard and using the up/down arrows or scrolling up/down with your mouse to increase or decrease the size of the page, or you can adjust the zoom settings in your browser.

Q: How do I see my direct reports to approve time?
A: From the center drop-down menu, select the Manager Self-Service view. There you will be able to go to the Manage Employee Time tile to view and approve time for your direct reports. You can also view work anniversaries and expiring licenses.

Q: Where do I submit a delegation?
A: If you are an approver who needs to delegate for a set amount of time, you can select your proxy from the Delegations tile from the Employee Self-Service view page. You may need to switch from the Manager Self-Service to the Employee Self-Service page.

Q: Can I see announcements?
A: The number of unread announcements will be on the face of the “Announcement” tile. You can now click on the Announcement Tile to see all announcements by using “view detail” arrow to the right.

Q: How do I get out of the page I am currently viewing?
A: You can either use the ‘Home” button on the top right or the last page on the top left or you can use the “back” arrow button on the browser’s navigation bar to go back to the previous viewed page.

Q: After the "go Live" date - if employees have submitted time in advance that is not yet approved, will it have to be re-entered?
A: No, all time for self-service and non-self service employees will still be on the timesheets after the upgrade. Approvers who did not approve time for self-service employees before the upgrade will have to click on the previous button to go back a week to approve the timesheet.

Q: Where can I find information on this upgrade?
A: All Employee and Approver job aids have been updated on the Employee Self-Service webpage. Information was updated to help employees navigate this change. The Employee and Approver quick navigation guides can also be found on the Employee Self-Service webpage.

Q: How do I sign out of HR/CMS?
A: Sign out is now under the Actions icon (three dot menu) on the top right corner.

About your paycheck

Mass HR Employee Service Center
Your first point of contact for Employee Self-Service support

HR/CMS Knowledge Center (MAGNet, VPN, or login required)

Pay calendars, security, HR/CMS job aids and tips

403B Tax Shelter Annuities

Information for employees and select departments regarding eligibility and options for the tax-deferred savings plan.

Retiree PayInfo

View your statement online, download an Informational 1099-R, and go paperless.

Retiree PayInfo is a web-based tool for retirees and benefit recipients of the State Employees’ Retirement System that allows you to access your pension and 1099-R information online. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Generally, the pension advice information will be updated the second to last business day of the month. You can also go paperless through Retiree PayInfo. If you already have direct deposit you simply need to click on Go Paperless Now! to suppress your paper advice. 

For more information on Retiree PayInfo, log on to Retiree PayInfo administrators are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. if you need assistance.  

View Your Retiree Pay Stub / Log in to PayInfo

  1. Go to

  2. In the User ID box, type your State Retirement Board ID, which is listed below your name on your most recent pension remittance advice. 

  3. The default password for first time users is your User ID plus the last four digits of your social security number. You will be prompted to reset your password.

    NOTE: The information displayed is encrypted and will be displayed only after the correct password has been entered.  Social security and bank account numbers are not displayed on the online versions of your pension remittance advice.