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Beware of phishing emails and texts about new COVID-19 vaccine

Now that the election is over, cybercriminals are focused on new ways to infect and disrupt systems and steal personal information. With the announcement of new COVID-19 vaccines, staff should be warned about emails and text messages that appear to be “official” vaccine information, and should consider these suspicious.

Official information about how the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed in Massachusetts will appear on Mass.gov, and the latest general COVID-19 updates are available here. If staff receive work emails or texts related to the vaccine that urge recipients to click on a link or return a phone call, staff should ignore and immediately contact their IT staff. If suspicious emails or texts are received at home, staff and family should immediately delete.

If your staff gets one of these suspicious emails, in addition to your incident response notification protocols, please contact CTREmergencyNotification@mass.gov to ensure that CTR can act to protect Enterprise Systems, notify authorities, and assist with mitigation strategies and continued operations. Visit the CTR Cyber Center for additional resources and links for Cybersecurity Tips and Alerts.

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