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Comptroller Andrew Maylor embarks on Comptroller Conversations Tour to refresh, strengthen relations

(l-r) CTR First Deputy Comptroller Jeff Shapiro, DMH Commissioner Joan Mikula, CTR Enterprise Relationship Manager Stacy Hoag, Comptroller Andrew Maylor, DMH Chief Financial Officer Stephen Barnard during a Comptroller Conversations tour stop on November 1, 2019

CLARITY. Since I was sworn in as the Comptroller of the Commonwealth, that’s one theme I keep hearing from our constituents, the 150+ Commonwealth agencies with whom we partner. They are seeking clarity in all of their relationships with us, and in the core services we provide for them. They want to know:

  • How can the Comptroller modernize business practices to assist agencies while still protecting financial and payroll data?

  • How can agency staff influence in a positive way what changes are coming down the pipeline?

  • What resources and tools are available for working with the statewide accounting system, MMARS?

As the steward and overseer of funding sources, we play a critical role in the day-to-day business of these agencies. As our constituencies, each of these agencies deserve clarity into our processes. I, as Comptroller, realized that I, too, would benefit from more clarity into how best we could service these agencies.

That is why I decided early on in my tenure to embark on a Comptroller Conversations Tour, traveling throughout the state and meeting with department heads and their staffs in person. This face-to-face contact, and candid conversations about how we can better serve the needs of each agency, have already proved invaluable to an examination of our day-to-day operations, how we provide customer service to the 150+ agencies, and how we communicate with them.

I’ve been pleased to visit with three dozen agencies already, with several more on the books.

It’s a great time to refresh and strengthen these relationships.

In the coming months and years, our office, along with the Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) and the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) will be embarking on a transformation of many of our business operations and the underlying technology. The BEST Program will simplify, improve, and secure Commonwealth policies and processes across human resources, payroll and technology systems. As part of my face-to-face meetings, I’ve been thrilled to provide updates about the progress and possibilities of this project. But more importantly, this tour is an opportunity to listen to the needs and aspirations of each department as we work together on this wholesale replacement of the systems they use every day. Your voices are integral to our success and I’m eager to hear your feedback.

Clarity is integral to the work that we do; we strive for understanding across all of our interactions with our constituent agencies and related departments. I look forward to continuing this tour across 2020 and to meet public servants performing good work on behalf of the residents and businesses of the Commonwealth.

To coordinate a visit with Comptroller Andrew Maylor, please email comptroller.info@mass.gov or call 617-727-5000.

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