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Do you know your incident contacts?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Emergency Incident Contacts Who in your department are the key points of contact whenever employees suspect system problems, unusual slowdowns, suspicious emails, ransomware notifications, phishing attempts to change vendor or employee EFT/direct deposit, or any unusual activity? Time is of the essence, especially if ransomware or other viruses have been triggered through an email attachment, link or website, so employees should be encouraged to quickly notify IT or cyber staff, to trigger implementation of an incident response plan. Identify your key emergency contacts now and inform employees to expedite containment and remediation. Office of the Comptroller State agencies should notify CTREmergencyNotification@Mass.gov of any incident (even if thwarted) to ensure appropriate remediation, that enterprise systems are not inadvertently impacted, and to assist with tracking incidents centrally. Some incidents have appeared innocuous but revealed more pervasive incidents after further review.

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