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Now Hiring: Statewide HR Specialist

CTR is seeking one dynamic and experienced professional to serve as an Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems Analyst II, functioning as a Statewide Human Resources Specialist. This position is within the CTR SPT and reports to the Commonwealth Assistant Comptroller for Payroll/Payments and the Commonwealth Chief Payroll Officer or management level designee. This position will focus on continuous improvement of standards of effectiveness and efficiency, including development and/or expanded use of technology to improve business processes in the Human Resources and Payroll area.

This position requires a self-starter with the following capabilities and attributes: impeccable attention to detail; superior time management and multitasking skills; ability to cultivate productive and efficient teamwork among staff; positive attitude; capacity to remain flexible and learn new standards and guidelines as necessary; and the ability to work well under pressure.

Learn about the position and apply.

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