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                  Date:            3/15/3018

                  Contact:      Thomas G. Shack, III, Comptroller of the Commonwealth – 617-973-2315

                                         Jeff Shapiro, First Deputy Comptroller of the Commonwealth – 617-973-2622

Comptroller Announces One Million Page View Milestone for the

CTHRU Transparency and Open Records Platform

Massachusetts Comptroller Thomas G. Shack III is pleased to announce that CTHRU, the Comptroller’s cloud based transparency and open records platform, has hit the one million page view milestone in just under seventeen months of existence. The combination of CTHRU’s depth, timeliness, intuitive user experience, and its standing as a single source of Commonwealth transparency truth have led to the rapid growth and utilization to reach one million page views.

Less than a year after launching with Statewide Spending and Payroll, a major expansion of CTHRU added new data sets (Quasi-Governmental Financial Summary, Quasi-Governmental Payroll, State and Teachers' Retirement Benefits, and Executive Department New Hires) enabling the Commonwealth to decommission the “Open Checkbook”, the Commonwealth’s legacy transparency website, and direct its users to CTHRU. With the recent addition of Settlement and Judgement summary data, CTHRU now hosts seven distinct data sets.

Named #1 on the list of “The Best States for Data Innovation 2017”; according to the Center for Data Innovation, The Office of the Comptroller will continue to aggressively explore transparency enhancements and efficiencies for the benefit of the public, media, and government.

“As I said when we launched CTHRU in the fall of 2016, I want as many eyes on the data of how the Commonwealth is utilizing its resources as possible. Surpassing the one million page view mark is a significant accomplishment, but it is also a challenge from all visitors to constantly evolve, improve, and add data and clarity. We owe it to every single visitor; past, present, and future; to provide the most complete, modern, and intuitive single source of Commonwealth transparency truth online. I am enormously proud of our aggressive evolution to position CTHRU as a next generation government transparency platform. I look forward to providing an unparalleled experience to the next million page views and beyond” said Shack.  

Explore CTHRU via the “Transparency” button on the Comptroller’s Home Page

The Office of the Comptroller is a uniquely independent and apolitical overseer of more than $60 billion in governmental and other funding sources annually. In addition, the Comptroller oversees the Commonwealth’s expenditure and payroll management and major audit functions ensuring security, transparency, accountability, and service delivery across all branches of state government and more than 150 state agencies. The powers and obligations of the Comptroller are generally dictated by M.G.L. c.7A.

Thomas G. Shack, III

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