Whistleblower Hotlines

What to Do If You Suspect Fraud, Waste or Abuse

If you have evidence of Fraud, Waste or Abuse activity, report such activity to management or an oversight agency.


Blow the Whistle:

If you have a whistleblower complaint involving public funds, the following contacts are available:

Commonwealth Hotline Numbers:

Inspector General   (800) 322-1323
To report suspected fraud, waste or abuse in government.

Attorney General - Fair Labor Helpline (617) 727-3465
To report violations of minimum wage and overtime laws and requirement for timely payment of wages.

Division of Unemployment Assistance (800) 354-9927
To report unreported wages or persons collecting benefits while working.

Office of the State Auditor (617) 727-6200
For state agencies to report variances, shortages or thefts of funds or property.


Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting

Online form ; email dhcdhotline@massmail.state.ma.us; or phone 617-573-1100


PERAC  - Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (800) 445-3266
If you have reason to believe that public pension fraud may have occurred or is about to occur, notify PERAC's Fraud Prevention Unit.  You can call (800) 445-3266, file a written Referral Report of Potential Fraud , or email PensionFraud@per.state.ma.us

From:  A Toolkit for Departments to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse

For more information on Fraud Waste & Abuse please visit our Internal Controls Page