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FY2022-18: Upcoming changes to federal system for federal awards and sub recipient tracking

DUNS number header image

Effective April 4, 2022, the federal government is changing the unique identifier used by entities from the DUNS Number to the Unique Entity ID (SAM), generated by As of this date, the Unique Entity ID (SAM) is the authoritative unique entity identifier for, most federal reporting systems, and other government award and financial systems.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts department action items

If your department has its own SAM Entity Registration, your Unique Entity ID (SAM) was automatically updated during the renewal process. If you have not renewed, or if your SAM Entity Registration is expired, your department should update.

For entities receiving direct federal awards
For agencies with sub recipients or vendors receiving federal awards

For new vendors: The Massachusetts Substitute Form W-9 has been updated with a new field to intake the Unique Entity ID (SAM). Departments should begin collecting the Unique Entity ID (SAM) from sub recipients and vendors using the new Massachusetts Substitute Form W-9.

For current vendors: Departments should collect Unique Entity IDs from their current vendors. Please note that vendors existing in SAM with a DUNS Number already have a Unique Entity ID (SAM). Directions for inputting the Unique Entity ID (SAM) into MMARS will be made available at a later date. Do not use the Form W-9 to collect the new Unique Entity ID (SAM) from existing vendors.