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July 29, 2022

Change your Wi-Fi router name and password

The text "Cybersecurity Tip of the Week"

Changing your Wi-Fi router’s name and password is the easiest and best way to protect both your personal and hybrid work environment. This change can prevent most outside attacks, significantly increasing protections and avoiding disruptions from stolen data and a compromised network.

Action Item: Follow your router provider’s instructions to change the router assigned name and password, and then update passwords on all your devices. If your password is long (16+ characters) and unique (not used on other applications), the less often you will need to update unless you think your network has been compromised. Your office IT staff can also recommend any settings on your router to increase security for your work networks.

See our CTR Cyber page for more cybersecurity internal controls and contact [email protected] with any incidents or suspected incidents of fraud or cyber threats or if you need support from our Statewide Risk Management Team.