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CTHRU upgrade enables detail view of ‘Other Pay’

The text "CTHRU" overlain on a stylized image of the Rose Window of the Massachusetts State House

The Office of the Comptroller has upgraded the Statewide Payroll module of CTHRU, which provides for public viewing for permanent, temporary, and contract employees of Legislative, Judicial, Executive Departments, as well as for the Independent Agencies and the Constitutional Offices dating back to Calendar Year 2010. 

This upgrade provides further detail for employees’ “Other Pay” category, providing a breakdown of the subcategories comprising that category. 

The subcategories of “Other Pay” now visible in CTHRU are labeled according to the object code as defined in the Expenditure Classification Handbook: 

Details into the specific time and circumstances resulting in “Other Pay” should be held at the department level, not by the Office of the Comptroller. 

There are a few statutory exceptions to payroll listings by individual. For example, victims of domestic violence and work study students are not listed, in compliance with state and federal law. 


To view “Other Pay” breakdowns: 

If you wish, you can download the data as a .CSV file.