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January 11, 2023

CTR Assistant General Counsel Parris Kyriakakis’ efforts recognized by Association of Government Accountants

A headshot of Parris Kyriakakis, and a graphic reading "Recognition of Excellence 2022" and the AGA Citizen-Centric Reporting (CCR) logo

The Office of the Comptroller is proud to recognize the contributions of Assistant General Counsel Parris Kyriakakis, whose work on behalf of the Association of Government Accountants Boston Chapter has been recognized with the Certificate of Excellence in Citizen-Centric Reporting by the national Association of Government Accountants (AGA).

Parris, as Director of Accountability Outreach for the AGA Boston Chapter, was recognized for her work on the 2021-2022 Citizen-Centric Report she produced on behalf of the Chapter. Her work to modernize the report using personal Chapter pictures, adding names of Chapter Leaders, and her utilization of clean and informative charts and graphics were factors considered in the award.

Comptroller William McNamara said, “We are grateful that the AGA has recognized what we at the Office of the Comptroller already know to be true about Parris: she is a dedicated public servant, committed to transparency and finding ways to better connect citizens to their government.”

AGA Boston Chapter President and CTR Principal Data Strategist George Anastos said, “Parris set a new standard with this report, representing the Office of the Comptroller with Clarity, Accountability, and Transparency. This is a high honor for all of us.”

The Citizen-Centric Report is a national goal of the Association of Government Accountants to promote transparency. The AGA determines award recipients based on content, visual appeal, readability, distribution, and timeliness of reporting.