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CTR Unveils Revenue Data and Other Enhancements on CTHRU, Commonwealth’s Financial Records Platform

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In furtherance of its commitment to transparency in government finances, the Office of the Comptroller is pleased to announce recent enhancements to CTHRU, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ online financial records transparency platform.

Revenue data now on CTHRU

The recent upgrades to CTHRU include a new data set for revenue. Available at, the new data set includes virtually all tax and non-tax revenue collected by the Commonwealth. The records are available to be sorted and viewed by fiscal year, collection month, fund, revenue account, and various other classification categories. The revenue data now available on CTHRU dates back to Fiscal Year 2006, and is updated with the close of each accounting period during Fiscal Year 2020.

Additionally, the new platform highlights several areas of interest, including personal income tax collections, sales tax collections, corporate and business tax collections, gaming revenue, motor vehicle fuel taxes, tobacco taxes, inheritance and estate tax collections, marijuana-related tax and non-tax revenues, rooms tax, local option taxes, and deeds tax. Other areas of interest will be added regularly.
“With this upgrade, we continue to increase the level of transparency in Massachusetts state government,” said Andrew W. Maylor, Comptroller of the Commonwealth. “I hope that taxpayers continue to use CTHRU to learn about the money that government takes in, as well as what it spends.”

Additional Enhancements

Additional recent enhancements to CTHRU include a new data set for more than 190 non-budgeted special revenue funds and approximately 1,000 trust accounts with dedicated sources of revenue.
Finally, in an effort to make records easier to access, the Office of the Comptroller has consolidated all Massachusetts State Police payroll data going back to 2010 in one data set, including Troop F.

About the Office of the Comptroller

The Office of the Comptroller of Massachusetts is the uniquely independent and apolitical overseer of more than $65 billion in governmental and other funding sources annually.

We oversee the Commonwealth’s financial systems, promoting integrity, mitigating risk, and providing accurate reporting and promoting transparency to illustrate the financial health of Massachusetts. As stewards of the public trust, we aspire to inspire confidence by maintaining our core principles: clarity, integrity, and accountability.

The statutory powers and obligations of the Comptroller are enumerated at M.G.L. c. 7A.