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DocuSign Tip of the Month: Assign it to Someone Else!

The text "Electronic Signatures", overlain on a checkmark and a light green field reminiscent of the DocuSign branding

If you’re not the right person to electronically sign a document through DocuSign, you can assign it to someone else. Anyone can be the recipient of a DocuSign document, assuming that they have appropriate authorization to complete and sign it.  With this feature, all of the fields that were assigned to you are assigned to the new signer. The sender and the new signer receive a notification about the change.

How do I assign to someone else?
  1. Open the envelope, then in the top right select Other Actions, then Assign to Someone Else.
  2. Enter the new signer’s email address, name, and a reason for changing the signing responsibility.
  3. When you’re finished, select ASSIGN TO SOMEONE ELSE.
When should I use Assign to Someone Else?
  1. You will be unable to complete the document
  2. You transfer to a different position and no longer have signing responsibility for certain types of documents.
  3. You are not an authorized signatory allowed to sign this type of document.
  4. You do not have access to the information needed to complete this document.