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Federal Grant Negative Draw Prevention Report Cleanup Underway

The MMARS wordmark and the text "Massachusetts Management Accounting and Reporting System".

A recent analysis of the Negative Draw Prevention (NDP) Report has found many programs that should not be on the report.

Grant programs are placed on this report when a reimbursed expense has been transferred out of the grant, causing the grant program to be over collected.  When that happens, the program is recorded on the NDP report with the over collected balance and future reimbursements are suppressed until the amount of the transferred expense has been replaced with new expenses.  Once that happens reimbursements will resume for the grant program.

Only expense related transactions will update this report.  If excess revenue was returned to the awarding agency or the parent department using a revenue-based transaction such as an RF1 or CR, the NDP report will not be updated, and the program remains on this report.

CTR is asking all departments that receive Automatic Central Draw (ACD) grants to review the Negative Draw Prevention report.  If there are grant programs listed on the report with a balance, review the program BQ88 budget to see if the over collected balances listed on the report is accurate.  If the program is not over collected by at least the amount listed in the NDP report, departments should submit a positive CH to remove the invalid amount that remains on the report.

Over collected grants that remain on this report with no near term expenditures expected should return the over collected funds back to the awarding agency.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.