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Fiscal Year Memo 2023-08: FY2023 Single Audit Chargeback

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This memo provides guidance and information regarding the Office of the Comptroller’s Single Audit Chargeback for Fiscal Year 2023 to support the operation of the financial accounting and reporting system for the Commonwealth.

Bills will now be issued annually for departments with a chargeback of less than $5,000. The document ID standard for departments being billed annually will be STATESINGLEAUDIT2023. Departments with chargeback amounts greater than $5,000 will be billed semi-annually with a document standard ID of  TATESINGLEAUDIT23S1 for the first half. Departments with semi-annual billings will be notified in May of their second semi-annual chargeback. Buyer agencies are required to make payment on undisputed bills within 30 days from receipt of an ITI by completing an ITA (Internal Transaction Agreement).