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HR/CMS Upgrade Complete

The HR/CMS upgrade is complete and is now available! Thank you for your patience as enhancements were made to the system. Please clear your browser cache before logging into HR/CMS.  Go to for instructions. The link has not changed to access HR/CMS. Visit the HR/CMS Knowledge Center to login.

HR/CMS Job Aids and Resource Documents are now updated with the new look and feel and are on the HR/CMS Knowledge Center. If you have any questions or issues with accessing HR/CMS or performing transactions, file a ticket with ServiceNow.


As promised during the HR/CMS Training Sessions, the HR/CMS Team will be available for Drop-In Support via Microsoft Teams (Link below).  Support will be hands-on help to core users with transactions in Fluid Position and Job pages.  HR/CMS Core Users do not need to schedule a meeting or file a ServiceNow Ticket for assistance.  Users can drop in any time during the session hours for assistance.  Please note the drop-in support are not training sessions.

HR/CMS Upgrade Core User Drop In Support

May 1 – May 12
Monday – Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm