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Office of the Comptroller releases video instructions on submitting public records requests

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The Office of the Comptroller is pleased to provide a new video showing respondents how to submit a public records request through its online records portal, 

This video, hosted at, aims to help requesters of public information efficiently submit a request and helps to guide them to find any information they are looking for which is already publicly available. 

The Office of the Comptroller is the first statewide agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to implement NextRequest, an online public records portal for management of public records requests. NextRequest offers a searchable database of documents provided by this office in response to public records requests dating back to 2019.   

The Office of the Comptroller has received and responded to an increasing number of public records requests, totaling more than 500 requests since 2016. During calendar year 2023, CTR responded to 112 public records requests, with an average response time of 4.3 business days.