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PartnerNet no longer available for submission of Forms W-9 and EFT Authorization Forms

The text "Electronic Signatures", overlain on a checkmark and a light green field reminiscent of the DocuSign branding

Effective March 27, 2023, the Office of the Comptroller (CTR) will no longer use PartnerNet to accept the transmittal of Forms W-9 or the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form. 

Departments seeking to transmit these forms to the Office of the Comptroller must use either the CTR Vendor Customer SharePoint site or DocuSign. 

The Office of the Comptroller is planning for the eventual sunsetting of for the intake of all forms as it is no longer compatible with modern web browsers. 

Departments will be notified about changes to all other transmittal processes through PartnerNet (including financial reporting requirements) at a future time. 

Using DocuSign

DocuSign templates are available for the Form W-9, EFT Authorization Form, and the Combined Form W-9/EFT Authorization Form. 

Instructions for both departments and vendors are available on the CTR Intranet Electronic Signatures page [MAGNet or Commonwealth-issued VPN required]. 

CTR has used DocuSign to create more secure, convenient, and efficient processes for electronic submission of forms and other documents. 


Using the CTR Vendor Customer SharePoint site

CTR has granted current PartnerNet users access to the CTR Vendor Customer SharePoint site. If you require access, please contact your Department Security Officer for access. 

A job aid for this process is available.