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February 8, 2024

PRF84 Payment Solutions Contract – Immediate Action Required to Prevent Payment Disruption

The seal of the Office of the Comptroller. The seal is a blue ring with the words Office of the Comptroller, Massachusetts. Inside the blue ring is a yellow ring with the words Clarity, Accountability, Integrity. Inside the yellow ring is the State Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Statewide contract PRF59A – Payment Solutions expires  April 30, 2024. All entities must execute a Statement of Work on the new statewide contract PRF84 – Payment Solutions.

The new statewide contract PRF84 – Payment Solutions with vendors Catalis (previously known as nCourt), Grant Street Group, NIC Services, and PayIT is available and posted on COMMBUYS.

Immediate Action required: 

Please see the PRF84 Master Contract Record on COMMBUYS for important details on how to initiate or continue services on this contract, and for the Contract User Guide, Request for Quote/Statement of Work, and Notice of Intent/Due Diligence templates.

Questions? Contact [email protected].