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February 1, 2023

Time to test your backups

The text "Cybersecurity Tip of the Week"

Identifying and testing backups of critical data is an essential step to reducing impacts from ransomware and other damaging attacks. Everyone can assist with identifying the important data they need for their roles. 

Action steps

Identify the data that is critical to continued operations and implement multiple types of backup solutions, including at least one that is “air-gapped” or separated from the operational network, to protect it from ransomware. Perform periodic real time tests to ensure that data can be readily restored from backups. Testing will identify any gaps found during the restoration process so you are ready in the event of an incident. 

See our CTR Cyber page for more cybersecurity internal controls and contact [email protected] with any incidents or suspected incidents of fraud or cyber threats or if you need support from our Statewide Risk Management Team.