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November 21, 2022

Watch out for the turkeys! Holiday scams are here for the holidays

The text "Cybersecurity Tip of the Week"

Fraudsters target the days right before and during holidays for increased scams. Take a moment to share this with your staff and family to remind them not to follow links in emails, texts and calls unless they verify these are legitimate through the official site or with the person who sent it. Scammers pose as people you know.

Action item: Continue to be vigilant with PVR: Pause, Verify Report.
PVR is three simple steps designed to prevent most breaches and the resulting stress and mitigation. Pause and verify any link or attachment before you follow it, and report any suspicious activity.

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To learn more about PVR, view our new free short Employee Cybersecurity awareness trainings. Having your employees watch these short videos is due diligence and supplements your mandatory employee trainings. Remember: it only takes one click to bring down a system.

See our CTR Cyber page for more cybersecurity internal controls and contact [email protected] with any incidents or suspected incidents of fraud or cyber threats or if you need support from our Statewide Risk Management Team.