The Business Enterprise Systems Transformation Program is a multi-year initiative to support

a wide-range of improvements in business operations across all agencies in all branches of state government. The program will replace existing statewide financial and human resources systems with a comprehensive software solution and will bring changes reflecting best practices in operations and management.

Enhancements will include improved functionality and usability, increased security, and modern technology. Users of existing systems will participate in the planning, design, and transition to the new system and play a critical role in its success.

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

► Transform business operations by reducing complexity, eliminating unnecessary administrative activities, and expanding self-service.
► Constantly improve functionality and the user experience for all users by delivering regular upgrades to a single software system.
► Strengthen and standardize system and data security, with single sign-on.
► Improve access to meaningful data for users and the public.

What's Changing?

Our first objective is to replace two legacy core systems:

Massachusetts Management, Accounting and Reporting          System (MMARS)
Human Resources/Compensation Management System (HR/CMS)

Future initiatives may include improvements in other enterprise administrative systems.

What It Means To You

All Commonwealth agencies, and users of these systems, can expect to see improvements in streamlined business processes and workflows, self-service opportunities, ease of use and access to data. Users will have greater opportunity to employ mobile devices in their daily tasks.


FY20 Visioning

►Create Project Management Office Within CTR
►Gather Requirements
►Select Software and Implementation Vendor

FY21/22 Phase 1

►Implementation Phase 1 of Either Financial or Human Resources Module

FY22/23 Phase 2

►Implementation Phase 2 of Either Financial or Human Resources Module


►Implementation of Other Software Modules