The Office of the Comptroller regulations apply to the fiscal transactions of all Commonwealth departments unless otherwise specified in the regulation. Please review related Comptroller Policies, and Comptroller Fiscal Year Updates that interpret the regulations, provide policies and guidance, and implement the provisions of these regulations.

815 CMR 1.00:     Reserved


815 CMR 2.00:     State Grants, Federal Grant Awards, Federal Subgrants, and Subsidies [effective 4/25/2014]


815 CMR 3.00:     Ready Payment System  [effective 12/29/1995]


815 CMR 4.00:     Late Penalty Interest  [effective 12/29/1995]


815 CMR 5.00:     Settlements and Judgments  [effective 12/29/1995]


815 CMR 6.00:     Interdepartmental Fiscal Business [effective 8/31/01]


815 CMR 7.00:     Reserved


815 CMR 8.00:     Contingent Fee Contracts for Non-Tax Revenue [effective 12/29/1995]


815 CMR 9.00:     Debt Collection and Intercept [effective 8/2/2013]


815 CMR 10.00:     Records Management For Contracts, Bills and Vouchers [effective 5/25/2001]


815 CMR 1:00-10:00:     Complete Set


The Office of the Comptroller maintains this site to provide greater access to our regulations. Every effort is made to ensure that the regulations included on this site are accurate and up-to-date. The official regulations are on file in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations and the Massachusetts Register maintained by the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth.

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