CTHRU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New Hires

Q.  What does Hiring Transparency mean?

A.  Hiring Transparency is a reform measure undertaken by Governor Charlie Baker to increase transparency in the state employee hiring process by requiring that hiring authorities record certain information for all externally posted jobs. This includes: when the position has been filled (start date); who it was filled by; their relevant years of experience; their education; and if the hiring authority received a reference letter or reference email from a state official on behalf of the candidate selected. This New Hire data will be made available to the public.

Q. What does "received a reference letter or email from a state official on behalf of the candidate selected" mean?

A.  A state official is anyone who stands for an election as a state official and is elected to serve. When a hiring authority receives a written reference letter or reference email sent by a state official on behalf of a particular candidate recommending him or her for employment, that contact will be disclosed and made available to the public.

Q. What is View New Hires?

A.  View New Hires is the name of the page on CTHRU, the Commonwealth's transparency web site, which displays information on New Hires for Executive Departments and certain other Commonwealth entities.

Q. What is an Executive Department?

A.  Executive Departments are departments within a Secretariat and certain boards and commissions appointed by the Governor.

Q. How frequently will the New Hire information be updated?

A: Data will be refreshed every two weeks, on the same schedule as the CTHRU Payroll site.

Q. How long will New Hire information be available on this site?

A.  Information will be available on-line for six (6) months from the date of hire. Any hire that occurred earlier than 6 months from the "data as of" date will be removed from the page in order to show only the most recent hire data. On-going salary information can be viewed by going to the CTHRU Payroll tab.

Q. Will CTHRU include information for all New Hires?

A.  CTHRU will include information for the majority of New Hires within Executive Departments and other Commonwealth entities that are participating in the Hiring Transparency Initiative. Hire data is included for positions that have been externally posted. This includes regular employees, contract employees paid by HR/CMS, employees that have been reinstated, employees hired from a Civil Service List or from a Re-employment or Recall List.

Q. Will there be any New Hires not included in CTHRU?

A.  A small number of New Hires will not be included, such as interns and seasonal hires due to the short term nature of this employment. Positions that are not externally posted are also not included, such as lateral transfers and internal promotions. Any individual who has been a victim of domestic violence or a victim of an adjudicated crime will not be included.

Q. What is an Intern?

A.   An Intern is a contracted high school, college or graduate level student, including law clerks and legal interns employed somewhere other than the school where they are currently enrolled, usually of a fixed duration.

Q. What is a Civil Service List?

A.  A Civil Service List is a list of persons who have taken and passed a Civil Service examination for appointment to a Civil Service position (subject to the requirements of civil service law and rules) arranged in the order of their score on the examination and by preference or have signed a list to be considered for a Labor Service position.

Q. What is a Civil Service Reinstatement?

A.  A Civil Service Reinstatement is the reinstatement of an employee who held civil service permanency in a title and who had been previously separated from employment through no fault of their own.

Q. What is a Civil Service Reemployment List?

A.  A Civil Service Reemployment List is a statewide list of employees, separated from employment due to no fault of their own from a permanent civil service title or as a result of the transfer of the functions of their position, to be considered for reemployment prior to provisional hiring.

Q. What is a Recall List?

A.  A Recall List is a list of non-Civil Service employees who were laid off and whose rights to reemployment are governed by a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Q. What is a Seasonal Hire?

A.  A Seasonal Hire is a contracted individual who provides services on a temporary basis during periods of the year in which departmental activity increases. Seasonal Hires for a period over 90 days which are externally posted are included in View New Hires. Seasonal Hires for a shorter period are generally not included in View New Hires as these are not posted.

Q. What is a Lateral Transfer?

A.  A Lateral Transfer is when an employee transfers within their department to a position for which there is no change in annual compensation rate.

Q. What is an Internal Promotion?

A.   An Internal Promotion is when an employee is promoted within their department to a position at a higher pay grade and annual compensation rate.

Q. What information will be included on each New Hire?

A.   Data will include employee name, department, job title, functional title, effective date of hire, ,Posting #, relevant years of experience, education, licenses and certifications and whether or not a reference letter or email by an elected state official was received for the candidate.

Q. What information is included under Education and Licenses & Certifications in the View New Hires Employee Profile?

A.  Candidates applying for a position with the Commonwealth are asked to provide information on their education, licenses and certifications if these are required for the job. This information is included in the application and candidates may include this information even if there is no educational, licensing or certification requirement. Hiring Authorities are expected to verify this information for candidates' highest level of secondary education and for licenses/certifications that are required for the position the candidate is being offered.

Q. What is the difference between a Job Title and Functional Title?

A.  The Job Title for an individual's position is based on the job classification of the position. The Functional Title identifies an employee's department-specific job title and primary job duties.

Q. What is the Posting # (Posting ID)?

A.  The Posting # is a code assigned to a job posting on the MassCareers website.

Q. What is Annual Base Pay?

A.  Annual Base Pay is an individual's annual rate of pay exclusive of collectively bargained supplemental pay for which they may be eligible.

Q. How can you tell if a position is being filled on a part-time or full-time basis?

A.  A full-time position is either 37.5 hours or 40 hours per week, depending on the nature of the work. A position may be filled for less than full-time. The "annual base pay" amount on the View New Hires page of CTHRU represents the individual's annual pay rate based on the number of hours that individual will work each week. A part-time position will have a lower annual base pay than the same position at full-time.

Q. What does "Relevant Years of Experience" mean?

A.  Relevant Years of Experience is the number of years of experience an individual has that pertains directly to the position they are hired into. Years of Experience is indicated by a range of years:

0-2 years
3-5 years
6-10 years
11-15 years
16-20 years
21+ years

Q. Why can't I find a New Hire in the Employee Payroll?

A.  There is generally a time lag of 1-2 weeks between when a New Hire starts their position and the first paycheck.