CTHRU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quasi Government Agencies

Q. What is the information source for the Quasi Government Financial Summary?

A.  Details are based on the transactions recorded by quasi government agencies in their own accounting systems. Some information (i.e. state headquartered in) may not be available depending on the data the quasi government agency collects.

Q. How often is the data updated for Quasi Government Financial Summary?

A.  You can view each quasi government agency's date of last update on the following pages:

     Quasi Government Financial Summary Data As Of

     Quasi Government Payroll Data As Of

Q. Why do certain Quasi Government Agencies not have all spending information (i.e. Account, Funding Type, Pension data)?

A.  CTHRU provides quasi government spending information that is available and accessible from the respective agency. Some information, such as pension data may not be available because it is managed by private trusts or other outside organizations.

Q. Why are there only a few Quasi Government Agencies shown in CTHRU?

A.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is committed to providing taxpayers with an open and accurate account of government spending and continuing to push quasi government agencies to post spending online. In the summer of 2012, the administration reached out to 40 quasi government agencies, representing about one-third of taxpayer dollars spent in the state.

Q. What other Quasi Government Agencies will be included and when can we expect to see them in CTHRU?

A.  Throughout the course of the year the Commonwealth anticipates having more quasi government agencies posting their payment, pension, and payroll information online.

Q. What is a Quasi Government Agency?

A.  A quasi government agency is a corporation that is supported by the government to provide services to citizens but has certain budgetary, governing, and policy-making independence from the Executive and Legislative branches. Quasi government agency services include but are not limited to operating public buses and rail systems, developing drinking water, and managing public pension information.

Q. Where can I find out more information about a Quasi Government Agency?

A.  To find out more details about a quasi government agency, you can search by name on mass.gov.

Q. How many Quasi Government Agencies are in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

A.  There are a total of 42 quasi government agencies that operate on the state or regional level in Massachusetts, ranging in size from more than 6,000 employees to only six.

Q. How does a Quasi Government Agency raise money?

A.  Quasi government agencies typically receive a majority of their income from fees they collect, such as tolls or rents. Many also raise money by issuing tax-exempt bonds as well as receive state and federal grants.

Q. Is an independent agency the same as a Quasi Government Agency?

A.  No, independent agencies are not the same as quasi government agencies. An independent agency is any agency created by the legislature that remains completely independent of other executive departments. Quasi government agencies are a sub-type of independent agencies. The chief distinction is that quasi government agencies are granted self-financing powers, such as the ability to issue bonds or charge for a service. For example, a citizen must buy a Charlie Card to pay for the toll in order to ride on the T.