Opportunities with CTR


Thank you for your interest in opportunities at the Office of the Comptroller (CTR). We are public servants who strive to be a model for good government.

On this page, you will find:


  • A description of the different units making up the Office of the Comptroller

  • Current employment, internship, and contract opportunities

  • A list of our benefits and perks, including many features exclusive to the Office of the Comptroller.

The Office of the Comptroller is located at the John W. McCormack Building, One Ashburton Place, 9th Floor, Boston.

Who we are

The Office of the Comptroller is the uniquely independent and apolitical overseer of more than $65 billion in governmental and other funding sources annually.

We oversee the Commonwealth’s financial systems, promoting integrity, mitigating risk, and providing accurate reporting and promoting transparency to illustrate the financial health of Massachusetts.


Current Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Deputy Financial Reporting Officer. (Posted 9/2/2021)

Internship Opportunities

There are no internship opportunities at this time.

Contract Opportunities

There are no contract opportunities at this time.

You may also visit the MassCareers page to view all state job openings.


Benefits and Perks

At the Office of the Comptroller (CTR), we seek to attract, engage, develop and retain a high performing workforce culture. CTR practices progressive talent management strategies in the areas of workforce planning, education, training, employee engagement and retention. Our benefits are an important and sometimes understated part of our total compensation package.


In addition to the health benefits provided by the Commonwealth, CTR also provides access to other great benefits from the Commonwealth that is part of the our total compensation package to enrich your work experience.

Education and Training​

  • Tuition Remission is available to eligible state employees & their spouses, providing partial to full remission of tuition for programs & courses taken on the employee's own time at public community colleges, state colleges & state university campuses.

  • RISE Aspiring Leaders Program a pilot program designed to introduce the essentials of effective leadership to NAGE Unit 6 employees who demonstrate a strong potential for continued achievement and future leadership across the Commonwealth.

  • The CORE Management Program was created to provide Commonwealth employees with an opportunity to experience a transformative development program that drives organizational results through skill and competency-building sessions on effective leadership and management.

Health and Wellness​


Transportation/Commuter Benefits​

The Qualified Transportation Benefit Program a pre­tax benefit that consists of two (2) distinct categories: Parking and Transit. If you pay to park in a garage or lot at or near your work or commuter rail station, that monthly expense can be tax exempt up to the IRS maximum limit.


SERV (State Employees Responding as Volunteers Program) gives state employees the opportunity to provide volunteer services to assist in the improvement of the community at accredited non-profit organizations and public entities (including schools)

Other Perks​

  • Identify Force Credit Monitoring is an exclusive benefit to CTR employees. Identify Force delivers credit monitoring, rapid alerts, and recovery services to help protect identity, privacy, and credit security solutions.

  • Metro Credit Union offers services for Massachusetts Commonwealth Employees to support and achieve their financial goals.

  • The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) is a registered Labor Union with the United States Department of Labor representing Commonwealth Government Employees, NAGE is an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

  • Rebecca’s Cafe is a nearby cafe which offers a 10% discount to Commonwealth employees. It features soups, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast items in a simple cafe surroundings for a quick breakfast or lunch.