Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW)

The pages linked below are available inside state government only.

If you want to know information on the Commonwealth Information Warehouse such as overview of data, security access, starter queries and more!

The Office of the Comptroller offers CIW resources and training for state employees. The links to the CTR Intranet below are available inside state government only. Register for CTR Training.


Departmental Reports

Mobius View

Information Delivery Job Aids

Information Delivery / Reporting / Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW)

Information Delivery is a central reference and repository on MMARS Information Delivery. Departments should look to this web page for new and necessary Information Delivery essentials. Departments should consider it an up-to-date source and link to additional assistance, as the Office of the Comptroller and partner departments work together in the next generation of Procurement processing in MMARS.


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