Interdepartmental Service Agreements

The Interdepartmental Service Agreement (ISA) is the contract that documents the business agreement (joint venture) between two Commonwealth departments within any branch of state government. The ISA must comply with funding language in any appropriation act (General Appropriations Act, interim budget or supplemental budget) funding the ISA, as well as all applicable general and special state or federal laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Electronic submission of contracts, amendments, and Interdepartmental Service Agreements

Departments are now able to submit condensed packages for New Contracts, Amendments and Interdepartmental Service Agreements electronically through email to the CTR Contracts Unit. This process does not negate applicable state finance law or applicable regulations and policies, but offers a streamlined method to facilitate the review and retention of submissions and eliminates mailing or hand deliveries of paper documents.


Category F transactions should be a condensed ISA package sent to Each ISA submission should include a complete CTR Contract Transmittal Form and only one ISA package per email. Acceptable attachment formats are PDF, Word, and Excel. Other formats and images or cloud files like Google Docs should first be converted to a PDF before submitting to CTR.

Email instructions: Send to

  1. 1. CTR Transmittal Form – One submission per form

  2. Email Subject should be the MMARS Document ID#

  3. Fully Executed ISA

  4. Only send Attachment C if funding is from a Federal Grant

  5. Do not send ISA instructions (see pages 6, 7 and 8)

  6. No MMARS Screen Prints

B. Resources

​​Please direct questions regarding MMARS issues and ISA guidance to the CTR Solution Desk or (617) 973-2468.



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