Payroll and LCM for System Users

Information for departments on all aspects of payroll and labor cost management.

HR/Payroll Best Practices Job Aid

This document is available inside state government only.

W-2 and 1095 Year-End Form Information

(HR/CMS) Human Resource Compensation Management System Information

HR/CMS is the Commonwealth's payroll system and is the source of all payroll information. Employee set-up, maintenance and all related calculations regarding payroll is entered here. The following Job Aids are common to payroll and are available on the HR/CMS Knowledge Center, users should check the HR/CMS Knowledge Center for more information.

HR/CMS User Group

HR/CMS User Group agendas/minutes and handouts distributed at the meeting.

(LCM) Labor Cost Management Information

LCM is the Commonwealth's labor distribution and cost allocation system and acts as the accounting source of all payroll related MMARS financial information. The following links are common to LCM processing and are useful tools for LCM/MMARS users.

Payroll Information

A listing of current everyday payroll topics with related memos, job aids, and other information.

Tax Information

Payroll Flow Chart


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