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5th periodic allotment and ad hoc allotments

Periodic Allotment On or about Tuesday, November 24, the Executive Office for Administration and Finance will process the fifth periodic allotment of FY2021 to increase the expenditure ceiling in budgetary accounts to 50% (a one-month allotment) for all accounts that are subject to the Governor’s allotment authority.

The periodic allotment calendar for FY2021 has been published on the A&F intranet site.

Ad hoc Allotments As outlined in the calendar, A&F will also continue to run ad hoc allotments every other Tuesday if necessary. Please also be sure to email your A&F analyst upon submission of ad hoc requests. Please allow time as needed for Secretariat approval of all submissions. Ad hoc allotment requests that are approved at the Secretariat level and visible to A&F in MMARS by the Wednesday prior to the ad hoc run will be reviewed by A&F analysts for the following Tuesday.

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