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A memo to CTR staff from Comptroller Andrew Maylor

Today, Merrimack College announced that they have appointed Comptroller Andrew Maylor as Vice President and Chief Business Officer. Merrimack College’s announcement has been posted to their website.

Comptroller Maylor informed staff at the Office of the Comptroller of his resignation to take this new opportunity via a memo this afternoon, which is below.


January 28, 2020

Dear CTR Staff,

I will be resigning my position as the Comptroller of the Commonwealth on February 21, 2020, to accept the position of Vice President, Chief Business Officer at Merrimack College.

As was the case when I was contacted by the Governor’s office a year ago to ask if I would serve as Comptroller, this opportunity came as a surprise. However, I am compelled to accept a role which Merrimack College created specifically to take advantage of my strengths and experiences. I hold that institution in high regard, and am thrilled at the chance to return to the Merrimack Valley.

I will certainly miss working with the extraordinary staff of the Office of the Comptroller on the important initiatives we have undertaken in the past year. I am confident that the agency will continue to succeed in the new processes and transformational projects we have begun.

The Governor will appoint my successor. First Deputy Comptroller Jeffrey Shapiro will begin working on a transition plan for the next Comptroller.

I wish all of you the very best in your continued efforts to maximize the financial transparency, clarity, and accountability of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Andrew W. Maylor

Comptroller of the Commonwealth

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