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Departments are now able to submit via email new contracts, amendments and Interdepartmental Service Agreements (ISAs) to the CTR Contracts Unit. Over the last few months, we implemented this process with several agencies and have worked to condense the packages to identify the key documents our analyst require for review. It is not the intent of the condensed contract and ISA packages to diminish compliance with any applicable CTR or Operational Service Division (OSD) regulation or policy, but rather create a streamlined process to facilitate the review of electronic submissions. This method is an efficient practice to receive and store documents, and eliminates mailing or hand deliveries.

Contracts / Amendments

There are varieties of services with various contract requirements. In order to email contract and ISA packages, your Chief Fiscal Officer, MMARS Liaison or a Director of Procurement / Contracts / Budgets or Accounting must contact Assistant Comptroller Kristine Hill-Jones at 617-973-2362 or Kristine.Hill-Jones3@mass.gov for guidance.

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