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CTR implements PowerDMS, improving user access to policies and other documents

The Office of the Comptroller (CTR) is excited to announce its implementation of new document management software, PowerDMS, that will provide additional features and functionalities for Commonwealth departments viewing CTR policies and other key documents on MAComptroller.org and the CTR Intranet.

CTR’s Policy Implementation Team has worked hard over the past several months to prepare 115 policies for use on PowerDMS, which will be seamlessly integrated into CTR’s web properties.

PowerDMS will improve departments’ user experience by:

  • Providing an advanced search function which will provide users more tailored search results and link directly to relevant CTR Policies and documents

  • Making related documents easier to navigate to, linked directly in a side panel to the document currently being viewed

  • Highlighting relevant changes and updates when policies are updated or replaced

  • Archiving and storing former versions of policies and other documents for ease of comparison

CTR is currently rolling out its second phase of implementation, to departments’ Chief Fiscal Officers (CFOs) and MMARS Liaisons. CTR anticipates rolling the system out to all remaining users within a few months.

Departments’ CFOs and/or MMARS Liaisons should have received an email from CTR Relationship Manager Stacy Hoag, including instructions on how to access PowerDMS, and a job aid. If you did not receive the email or have additional questions, please reach out to Stacy Hoag.

Learn more about Power DMS.

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