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CTR supports statewide COVID-19 response

A note from Comptroller Bill McNamara The statewide response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken on many fronts, and our partner agencies throughout the Commonwealth are on the front lines of the response to the ongoing emergency. We at the Office of the Comptroller (CTR) thank all those directly involved in the medical, public safety, logistical, budgetary, and so many other considerations brought on by this situation, and we are ready to do our part to facilitate the statewide response. The Office of the Comptroller is already working with agencies on the front lines, including the Operational Services Division (OSD), MEMA, and the Command Center, to expedite the procurement and deployment of needed supplies. As funding is appropriated to respond to the Commonwealth’s many needs, we are quickly moving to set up and enable the accounts so that departments are able to process payments. For example, we have accelerated a transfer to the Medical Assistance Trust Fund that will permit the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EHS) to pay hospitals that anticipate an influx of COVID-19 patients. Additionally, we and EHS are facilitating the receipt of federal Medicaid reimbursements. This will help fund programs related to COVID-19 and supplement state revenue sources that are expected to decline as a result of the economic situation. Helping state government rapidly and efficiently respond to this crisis is our top and overarching priority. We are open for the business of the Commonwealth and continue to support our agencies in these extraordinary circumstances.

Thank you.


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