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E-Signature solutions coming soon to both Non-Executive and Executive agencies

The Office of the Comptroller (CTR) is committed to providing efficient, secure e-signature capability to support agencies not only during the pandemic, but in a long-term effort to modernize state business practices.

For Executive Branch agencies, the Office of the Comptroller is partnering with the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) on the Modern Workplace effort, and with the Executive Office of Administration and Finance on the Future of Work project. Leveraging the selection of Adobe as a key desktop partner by EOTSS, we are collaborating to develop forms, processes, and training to support the transition to Adobe Sign. Look for more information coming at year-end and into January.

For Non-Executive agencies, CTR is expanding its pilot based on DocuSign. DocuSign is an industry leader in e-signatures used by financial institutions around the world, as a strategic partner in this program. More than 200 million people globally have used DocuSign for electronic document submission, and the company has over 500,000 active customers. Both Executive and Non-Executive agencies are participating in the DocuSign pilot, providing experience that will help both DocuSign and Adobe implementation.

Several Commonwealth departments are now piloting the submission, acceptance, and transmission of electronically signed Form W-9s and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Forms. In February, CTR plans to make e-signatures for Form W-9s and EFT Forms available to all Non-Executive agencies using DocuSign.

“We hope that e-signatures will improve the customer experience for both departments and vendors,” said Comptroller of the Commonwealth William McNamara. “The work environment is increasingly mobile, fast-paced, and digital. We believe that e-signatures will make the tasks of signature gathering and authorizations easier and more efficient. We feel that this is particularly timely in the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has substantially altered the previous paper-based, in-office, workflow.”

“All of this helps to eliminate extra paper, removes unnecessary steps, and ends the tediousness of waiting for the mail to continue your work,” said Dr. Natasha Jean, Accountant with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, one of the departments partnering with CTR on the pilot program.

With the help of our pilot partners, CTR is also ensuring that personal and financial data contained in electronically signed documents remains secure. Internal controls at CTR and all departments participating in the pilot have been strengthened to allow for this new technology, ensuring that all vendor information submitted through electronic documents is accurate and complete. CTR is currently drafting an official policy which will govern the statewide use of e-signatures going forward.

We’d like to thank our e-signature pilot partners, whose assistance and feedback allowed us to successfully develop e-signature capabilities. Thank you to our pilot partners: Cannabis Control Commission, Committee for Public Counsel Services, Department of Transportation, Department of Children and Families, Department of Correction, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Higher Education, Department of Public Health, Division of Capital Asset Management, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and Operational Services Division.

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