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Fiscal Year 2021 Encumbrance Deadline


The Fiscal Year 2021 encumbrance deadline is Friday, May 28, 2021. Executive agencies initiating encumbrance activity after May 28, 2021 should not assume A&F approval for new encumbrances or increases that total $25,000 or more. The Fiscal Year 2021 BGTS (Budgetary Subsidiary Transfer) deadline is also Friday, May 28, 2021.

Late encumbrances

Beginning Monday, May 31, CT (Contract Transactions), GAE (General Accounting Encumbrances), PC (Commodity Purchase Orders), or RPO (Recurring Payment Orders) documents in MMARS with an incremental change totaling $25,000 or more from a budgetary account require approval from A&F.* After June 30 PH (Payroll Holds) documents will be added to the list of transactions requiring A&F approval.


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