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New CTR policy on COVID-19 payment coding

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

This memo sets forth a new Office of the Comptroller (CTR) policy for coding all COVID-19-related payments, exclusive of payroll and compensation. As described in more detail below, all payments for COVID-19-related expenditures must include the code COVID19 in the “Reporting” field of the Detailed Accounting section of the payment document. This policy is effective immediately and applies to all payment transactions regardless of funding source. CTR is implementing this policy in anticipation of state and federal reporting requirements relative to costs associated with the COVID19 response.

Coding of original transactions will minimize the need to make corrections after the fact through Expenditure Correction (EX) transactions, which are problematic for both federal reporting and audit reliance purposes. CTR is testing a program to centrally add the Reporting Code to transactions that have already been processed thereby eliminating the need for corrections at the department level and will contact departments with further instructions if and when this process can be used. In any case, CTR will assist departments with any needed recoding of transactions. CTR will also issue revised guidance if federal legislation or regulations require reporting that cannot be met by the coding requirements set forth in this policy.

The CTR COVID-19 Payment Coding Policy and COVID-19 PA Reimbursement Question Formare available for review online.

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