• Office of the Comptroller

Notice of continued suspension of debt collection and payment intercepts

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to broaden and impact every aspect of citizens’ lives, in order to protect citizens’ rights to due process, ensure the protection of Personally Identifiable Information and offer some financial relief, the Comptroller of the Commonwealth is continuing the suspension of all Debt Collection and Payment Intercept activity until Monday, May 4. This suspension will be reevaluated before May 4 and will be continued, modified or lifted at that time.

Debt collection activity affected by this suspension include those debts referred by state agencies under contract PRF72DesignatedCTR, “PRF72.” This suspension prohibits any calls being made or any letter or emails (any communication) being sent to any debtor for any new or existing accounts continuing April 7 through May 4. Previously established payment plans may remain in effect and payments may still be accepted for collections in process. This suspension does not require debt collectors to return any debt and in no way absolves any debt or their obligation to the referring state agency.

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