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Time to “SLAMB” your updates!

With the threats of ransomware, phishing attacks, and organized cybercrime prevalent, simple steps can greatly increase protections to your home and business accounts. Add a recurring calendar reminder to “SLAMB” your updates!

  • S - Social Media: Update your social media apps and accounts at least monthly, or whenever an update notice pops up. Social media is a key target cybercriminals use to scrape your passwords and personal data.

  • L - Laptops and PCs: Update your operating systems and enable automatic updates.

  • A - Apple and Android: Update all mobile devices. Security patches are coming out weekly.

  • M - Malware/Virus software and Multi-Factor Authentication: Run scans and make sure these programs are updated at least weekly, and set up multi-factor authentication for all accounts.

  • B - Browsers and Banking: Update your internet browsers and make sure banking passwords and multi-factor authentication are updated.

In addition to your normal incident response protocols, please contact CTREmergencyNotification@mass.gov with any incidents or suspected incidents of fraud or cyber attacks or if you need assistance with internal controls.

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