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What is your cyber perimeter and why you need to protect it

The cyber perimeter includes applications, systems, and devices that have access to your networks. Perimeters are secured in two ways:

  • Use of technology tools such as firewalls, anti-virus and malware programs, intrusion detection, use of VPN, and updating of applications.

  • Immediate reporting of suspicious activity, use of long and strong passwords and multi-factor authorization, and updating of personal and "bring your own" devices.

Everyone has a role in protecting the cyber perimeter, at work and at home. Identify your cyber perimeter and do your part to protect your devices. Immediately notify your IT Team if you see a suspicious email or other activity.

In addition to your normal incident response protocols, please contact CTREmergencyNotification@mass.gov with any incidents or suspected incidents of fraud or cyber attacks or if you need assistance with internal controls.

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