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Fiscal Year Memo 2024-05: Official Opening of Fiscal Year 2024

Fiscal Year Memo header image

The Fiscal Year 2024 General Appropriation Act, Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2023, has been signed. This memo announces that August 9, 2023, is the official “opening date” of the accounting system. A deadline of August 23, 2023, has been established for the alignment of encumbrances and expenditures to the enacted budget.

If you have specific accounts for which you have questions or require additional guidance, please contact Jessica Cogswell, Commonwealth Statewide Payments Officer, at (617) 973-2323 or Eduardo Canton, Statewide Payroll Officer, at (617) 973-2652.
All of us in the Office of the Comptroller look forward to partnering with you in the new fiscal year.