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NOW AVAILABLE: New “UEI Number” field in MMARS VCUST Table and VCC/VCM transactions

DUNS number header image

MMARS users will see a new “UEI Number” field in MMARS screens for VCC/VCM transactions and the VCUST file. 

This field accepts inputs for the new Unique Entity ID (SAM) numbers. These new numbers are now required by the federal government and replace the DUNS Number as the federal government’s primary means for entity identification for federal awards government-wide. 

This change satisfies federal reporting requirements. More information about the new UEI Entity ID is available from the U.S. General Services Administration website. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts departments with questions about this process should contact the CTR Solution Desk. 

An image of the new "UEI Number" field in a VCC/VCM transaction

An image of the new “UEI Number” field in a VCC/VCM transaction

An image of the new "UEI Number" field in the VCUST file

An image of the new “UEI Number” field in the VCUST file


Departments should begin collecting the Unique Entity ID (SAM) from sub-recipients and vendors using the new Massachusetts Substitute Form W-9, which has been updated to include a new field for the Unique Entity ID (SAM). A new Form W-9 is not required for existing sub-recipients and vendors. 

For Departments with existing vendors (that require no other VCM updates), the Office of the Comptroller can input new Unique Entity ID (SAM) into MMARS for sub-recipients or vendors on your department’s behalf without a VCM. Complete this spreadsheet. To send it to the Office of the Comptroller, upload it to the VENDOR_CUSTOMER link in PartnerNet [Microsoft Edge in Compatibility Mode required].

If you do not have the VENDOR_CUSTOMER link in PartnerNet, please coordinate with someone on your staff who does. If your agency does not have access to PartnerNet, please contact your Department Security Officer.

Commonwealth information warehouse (CIW)

This data will be available in the Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW) as of August 8 for reporting purposes. 

As of August 8, the column ebic_no will be changed to uei_no for any view that contains the column ebic_no.

The following five views contain the ebic_no column. If you use any of these views, you must relink/refresh the view even if you don’t use the column. In addition, if you do use the column in an existing query you must modify your query using the new column.