The Office of the Comptroller provides resources to assist and educate departments with processing encumbrances and filing contracts, grants, subsidies and interdepartmental service agreements (ISAs).

Standard Contract Form

This form is jointly issued and published by the Office of the Comptroller, the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, and the Operational Services Division as the default contract for all Commonwealth departments when another form is not prescribed by regulation or policy.


The form below should be used for all new contracts executed on or after October 25, 2019.

Electronic submission of contracts, amendments, and Interdepartmental Service Agreements (ISAs)


Departments are now able to submit condensed packages for New Contracts, Amendments and Interdepartmental Service Agreements electronically through email to the CTR Contracts Unit. This process does not negate applicable state finance law or applicable regulations and policies, but offers a streamlined method to facilitate the review and retention of submissions and eliminates mailing or hand deliveries of paper documents.


A. Contracts / Amendments

Categories D, E, G, and H require a condensed contract package sent to Each contract submission should include a complete CTR Contract Transmittal Form and only one contract package per mail. Acceptable attachment formats are PDF, Word, and Excel. Other formats and images or cloud files like Google Docs should first be converted to a PDF before submitting to CTR.

Email instructions: Send to

Version 1 - New Contracts (non-construction)

  1. CTR Transmittal Form – One submission per form

  2. Fully Executed Standard Contract Form

  3. Award Letter (if applicable)

  4. Scope of Services - Attachment A

  5. Budget or Rate Sheet – Attachment B

  6. POS Attachments, if applicable

  7. Vendor Response or Grant Application (condensed)

  8. Public Notice of Competitive Procurement i.e. COMMBUYS Posting or equivalent

  9. No MMARS Screen Prints


Version 2 - New Contracts (non-construction)

  1. Standard Contract Form

  2. Amended Scope of Services, if applicable

  3. Budget related to the modification

  4. POS Attachments, if applicable

Lease Agreements – RPO

  1. CTR Transmittal Form – One submission per form

  2. DCAMM Form 3

B. Paperless transactions

Categories A, B, C

These only require the Contract Transmittal Form and should be sent to


Effective April 2020: Category B1 transactions

Departmental Master Service Agreement Vendor Specific workflow to Final at the department level as long as the referenced MA is properly set up in MMARS. Please review the attached Job Aid Create a Departmental Master Agreement (MA).

Interdepartmental Service Agreements

1. Send to

2. CTR Transmittal Form – One ISA per form

3. Email Subject should be the MMARS Document ID#

4. Scan Fully Executed ISA

5. Do not send ISA instructions (pages 6, 7 and 8) or MMARS screen prints

6. Only send Attachment C if funding is from a federal grant

7. Buyer / Seller departments are required to have wet signatures and other relevant attachments on file to support the ISA

C. Master Agreements (MA)

Statewide contracts are procured on behalf of all departments by the Operational Services Division (OSD) or by a department OSD designates to conduct the procurement on behalf of all departments. OSD is responsible for entering all statewide contracts in MMARS. A department is able to purchase an item or service from a vendor identified under a statewide contract without having to conduct a separate competitive procurement. Departments are also able to conduct procurements to create their own Master Agreements for products and services unique to their mission.


  • A list of all statewide contracts and guidance is available on the OSD website.

  • View the Job Aid for creating a contract referencing a Master Agreement (MA).

D. Resources

​​Please direct questions regarding MMARS issues and encumbrance guidance to the CTR Solution Desk or (617) 973-2468.


This Handbook includes the object code descriptions, instructions and regulations regarding the encumbering and expenditure of all funds. The object code descriptions are brief explanations of the goods and/or services for which funds are encumbered and expended.


Job Aids