Resources to assist and educate departments with processing encumbrances and filing contracts, grants, subsidies, interdepartmental service agreements (ISA's) and interdepartmental chargebacks (internal business) in MMARS.

NEW: Electronic contracts, amendments, and Interdepartmental Service Agreements Submission


Departments are now able to submit New Contracts, Amendments and Interdepartmental Service Agreements (ISAs) electronically through email to the CTR Contracts Unit. Over the past several months, we implemented this process with serval agencies and have worked to condense the packages to identify the key documents our analysts require for review. It is not the intent of the condensed contract and ISA packages to diminish compliance with any applicable CTR or Operational Services Division (OSD) regulation or policy, but rather a streamlined process to facilitate the review of electronic submissions. This method is an efficient practice to receive and store documents and eliminates mailing or hand deliveries. 

Contracts / Amendments

Each contract submission must include a completed CTR Contract Transmittal Form and only one contract may be submitted in each e-mail. Attachments for contracts and ISAs must be submitted in PDF, Word, or Excel format only. Other formats (such as images or cloud files like Google Docs) should first be converted to a PDF before being attached.

Paperless transactions

Categories A, B, C only require the Contract Transmittal Form and should be sent to In order to achieve and improve administrative efficiency, Category B1 transactions – Departmental Master Service Agreement Vendor Specific will now workflow to Final at the department level as long as the referenced MA is properly set-up in MMARS. Please review the attached Job Aid Create a Departmental Master Agreement (MA).

Interdepartmental Service Agreements

1. Send to

2. CTR Transmittal Form – One ISA per form

3. Email Subject should be the MMARS Document ID#

4. Scan Fully Executed ISA

5. Do not send ISA instructions (pages 6, 7 and 8) or MMARS screen prints

6. Only send Attachment C if funding is from a federal grant

7. Buyer / Seller departments are required to have wet signatures and other relevant attachments on file to support the ISA

Other Resources

Contracts / Amendments

There are varieties of services with various contract requirements. In order to email contract and ISA packages, your Chief Fiscal Officer, MMARS Liaison or a Director of Procurement / Contracts / Budgets or Accounting must contact Assistant Comptroller Kristine Hill-Jones at 617-973-2362 or for guidance.    

Instructions for Standard Contract Form (06/30/2020)

Standard Contract Form (06/30/2020)

Commonwealth Terms and Conditions (10/25/2019)

Commonwealth Terms and Conditions For Human and Social Services (10/25/2019)

FAQ: Updates to Standard Contract Form and Terms and Conditions (10/25/2019)

Commonwealth Terms and Conditions for Information Technology Contracts (06/30/2020)

FAQ: Commonwealth Terms and Conditions for Information Technology Contracts (06/30/2020)

Active MAs Offering Discounts

9C Contract Reductions

Presentations and documents containing information about the 9C Contract Reductions.

Expenditure Classification Handbook

CTR Statewide Contracts

Master Agreements and Statewide Contracts

Overview of Master Agreements and Statewide Contracts and a listing of Master Agreements offering discounts.

Prompt Pay Discounts

Contract Liaisons

The Contract Liaison will be the lead coordinator between the Contract Unit Staff and Departments in resolving contract related issues. Departments are urged to first call the MMARS Helpline (617-973-2468) with any questions that are related to transaction processing in MMARS. Departments should contact the Contract Unit Liaison only if there is a need to know the status of a contract that has been submitted to CTR but has not been reviewed and processed, or if the department has received an e-mail from the Contract Unit requesting additional information or further clarification pertaining to a contract.

Quick Reference: Contracts - Goods and Services, Grants, Subsidies and Interdepartmental Business

Please refer to page 11

Expenditure Classification Handbook

Encumbrance Overview

This Overview is a diagram of the flow of documents from the pre-encumbrance to the payments level. The documents on the left require a commodity code; the documents on the right do not require a commodity code.

Interdepartmental Business


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