Settlements and Judgments


  • A settlement or judgment results from a formal claim (grievance, complaint or lawsuit) against the Commonwealth that results in either a settlement agreement, or a court or administrative award, order, or judgment.

  • The Office of the Comptroller acts as the Commonwealth’s overseer of tax reporting and tax withholding requirements for state agencies and departments to federal and state authorities.

  • The Office of the Comptroller does not negotiate or approve the amount of settlements, the cost of legal services, or indemnification.


Guidance on how settlements and judgments are paid, processed, and the legal basis for tax withholdings and reporting.

Submitting a claim for CTR review

CTR will review and process all claims in the order that completed claims were received.

Resources for Commonwealth departments

To view available funds in MMARS
Departments can see available funds in the Settlements and Judgments account in MMARS by doing a page search "BQ89" and then search the current budget Fiscal Year (e.g.2020) and "1599-3384" under Appropriation. The amount under "Expenditure Ceiling" is the amount that has been appropriated and allotted. The amount under "unexpended" is the amount remaining in the account as of this date, subject to any claims that have been submitted to CTR for payment but have not yet been processed.

Viewing payment remittance information

  • Through MMARS
    Payees receiving payments through MMARS may use this link look up payment remittance information by logging on to VendorWeb with their vendor code and the last four digits of their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) associated with that vendor code. Vendor codes are not public information. It can be obtained from the department processing the claim. 

  • VendorWeb
    Departments and agency counsels for the Commonwealth with access to the CTR Intranet may use the vendor lookup function on VendorWeb to view payment remittance information, by entering either the name or vendor code of the payee.

Public Records

The Office of the Comptroller (CTR) reports on Settlements and Judgments quarterly. View the information on the Commonwealth’s financial records transparency platform, CTHRU

The payee of any settlement or judgment is a public record and must be released absent some other specific statutory or other exemption from the Public Record Law.

All questions related to a claim should be referred directly to the agency counsel for the department subject to the claim.